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List of transport services intermediaries - Search

This service allows you to consult the file of a business or an individual registered on the list of transport service intermediaries.

The "Search" panorama offers two search modes :

Use the search block corresponding to the criteria you have.

Once the search criteria are entered, click on "Search" to obtain the result of your search.

The "Search results" panorama is displayed.

This panorama is not displayed when only one person corresponds to the criteria. That person's file is displayed directly.

By clicking on "Delete", all the criteria entered will be deleted and a new criteria search can be run.

Search criteria :


You can enter the full name or a partial name. When you enter an individual's full name, you must enter the given name followed by the family name. Entering the partial name of an individual or a company gives a more complete result because the search is run on all names that include the specified words. Upper-case letters, punctuation and accents are not necessary for entry. Avoid any punctuation at the end of a name (such as a period « . »).

City, village or municipality

You can enter the first letters of the city, villages or municipality sought. With the first letter entered, a list appears under the field, presenting the possible choices, depending on your entry. You can then select the desired city, village or municipality or continue your entry to refine the display of the list.

Non-Québec municipality

You can enter the full or partial name of the municipality sought.

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